Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The "Hear" in Heart

There's a reason why "heart" begins with "hear" . . .

I had to stop and re-examine my post from last night, Swordplay.  When one writes spontaneously late at night within a shifting space, it's easy to overlook the true heart of the matter.  In truth, only some of my writing has carried any sort of sword, certainly not all, even in my Oprah forum years.

And as usual, balance is the key.  When there is something powerful to say, perhaps sometimes it's best to say it, in one way or another, even if privately at times, free from self judgment or concern about the judgment of others.  It really has more to do with one's intent.  Even crusades have their place at times if the intent is to truly help, not hurt.

Is it the sword in my hand the real issue or wounds from a source as yet unseen?

I do know this much is true.  If the only words I ever say again are peaceful platitudes, then in putting down what I perceive to be a sword, I'll be surrendering my authenticity in the process.

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