Saturday, May 31, 2014

Authenticity Revisited

 Authenticity brings invisible people to life!

I had an experience at a local UFO Festival in Oregon a couple weeks ago that I really feel is worth reflecting upon.   Why was I at a UFO Festival?  Well, not necessarily because I choose to dwell on negative or frightening aspects of what has been reported.  I was there because I feel there is value in communicating Love-based, God-based, Higher Consciousness-based ways of looking at life among the stars.  And I had a wonderful opportunity to share my thoughts on the topic on a national radio program broadcasting in front of a live audience at the Festival.  I was as real as real can be with regards to this topic, completely oblivious to any sort of judgment by listeners on the radio.

Susan Larison Danz and national talk show host Clyde Lewis.
It's what happened the next day which drove a point home.  You see, it's easier for me to talk about "fringe topics that really shouldn't be fringe" on the radio than to tell any number of people I know in my local town that I go on the radio at all.

I was sitting in the audience to see George Noory's event when I heard my name.  "Susan, Susan Danz, it IS you."  Apparently someone I know from occasional community meetings happened to hear a familiar voice on the street the night before, wondering "Is that Susan Danz talking about ETs?"  And sure enough, inside the open air broadcast tent, it WAS the person he thought it was.

So, caught in the act of authenticity, I had no choice but to be who I actually am.  "Yes, it really was me..."

We all circulate in various parts of our world in different ways.  There are many ways of being who we are.  But occasionally those worlds might intersect.  And when they do, are we self conscious or real?  Far too many times, I have defaulted to self conscious.  But this time, somehow, I found myself smiling into real...