Thursday, March 7, 2013

Transcending the Storm

For many hours yesterday I found myself utterly engaged in a modern-day version of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington unfolding in the U.S. Senate.

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
I was fully prepared this morning to publish a bold and detailed blog in response, outlining meticulously in multi-partisan fashion all the many ways our rights are being infringed, not only in America, but throughout the world.

A person didn't need to be an ultra-right conservative, a Tea Partier, a Libertarian, or any kind of Rand Paul supporter at all to join the conversation last night (which trended worldwide).

My scattered Twitter contributions started with retweeting Amnesty International in the afternoon, not exactly a right-wing organization (nor is my very liberal Oregon Senator Ron Wyden):
Thanks to @SenRandPaul @SenMikeLee @RonWyden for speaking out on #drones & lethal force #filibuster

And then I RT'd someone else's response to Amnesty Internationall:
@amnesty This goes to show that bipartisanship for true principles is possible! (via @cacarrillo)
A sampling of my other tweets:
If you want to find true security, look within. #innerpeace #peace

Tune out the voice of fear and tune in to #Peace.

Our rights, our #freedom & our very way of life transcend politics. That's a good reason to #StandwithRand. #Filibuster 

#Peace requires far more courage than war.

The Senate may be going to sleep for the night, but America is finally awake. Thank you @SenRandPaul. #standwithrand #freedom
Last night, rather early on, I also RT'd:   
I'm not afraid of storms, for I'm learning how to sail my ship. ~ Louisa May Alcott (via @ShareAwakening)
So why did I choose just now not to publish what was quite a detailed, albeit artfully diplomatic, diatribe?  In the end, fully embraced by the Light of day, I chose not to allow resisting the storm to rip my sail to shreds. 

When I spoke of "transcending politics" last night, I was correct, but perhaps not quite in the way I saw it in the passion of the moment.

Resisting the storm is not what is going to steer the boat this Earth is on. I don't regret my writing exercise this morning, as it was quite cathartic, as were my tweets last night.

But it's my words of Peace I finally choose to heed today.  Truly transcending means not engaging the storm.  Truly transcending means blazing a trail to the Light that shines above it.

Yet another RT of mine last night:

Sometimes your voice finds you. #Little Mermaid (via @high_on_glitter)
I thought I had found a kind of voice, fully engaged in the storm, yet another found my heart instead.  Perhaps it will take sail.

P. S.  After I posted this blog post to Twitter, I noticed another tweet I had forgotten, my last before I went to sleep last night - somehow it wasn't in the window I was looking at before:
When you surrender to #peace, everybody wins.
I think that sums it all up quite perfectly...

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