Thursday, April 15, 2021

Trust, Trust, Trust

 "Love can never lead you astray. Trust Love to guide you Home." ~ Susan Larison Danz

Sometimes we find ourselves repeating the word:  Trust.  There are many things that happen in the world which undermine trust.  As human beings, we fail.  But we must never give up.  Because Trust is worth it. 



Blue Skies photo by Susan Larison Danz. 

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

The Soul is Not Containable

"Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter." ~ Yoda


As I write, I'm listening to someone talking about AI on the radio.  We hear so often from people who have a strictly materialistic, non-spiritual view of reality who claim that it is possible to essentially duplicate, read or preserve your mind using mechanistic means.  The entire assumption (and it absolutely is an assumption) is based on an unproven premise about Reality, of course.  

Anyone who has seen evidence of Spirituality knows we cannot be "contained" in this way - because we aren't what "they" think we are, no matter how arrogantly they proclaim it.  How sad they're missing out on actual Awareness - but there is always a chance to discover it.  There are so many more "useful" things we could be studying.

We yearn for immortality, it seems, but if they could create what they seek, they would be trapped, not freed, not forever of course, as that's impossible, but in ways that are unnatural - and undesirable.  We aren't intended to be trapped.  This state is temporary.  

Our minds are not our Souls.   It's like grasping for a rope at the edge of a cliff when we can fly.  



Light Reflected photo by Susan Larison Danz.

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Love Train

"Start a love train, love train..." ~ The O'Jays


Love is the only way forward.  

There was never any other way, really. 

Love is the way.


Monday, April 12, 2021

Authenticity, Again

"Surrendering your authenticity to be heard is ironically the path to silencing your voice." ~ Susan Larison Danz

When we're aware of it, we tend to revisit it, again and again and again.  And as we learn and grow and go deeper, it goes deeper, too.  


It meets us where we are, if we allow it - or perhaps we meet it in the middle - or sometimes we miss it entirely, and even intentionally.

And that's the problem.

We yearn for what this is.  We seek it.  And if we are fortunate, at least we get a handle on it within our own heads (and hearts).

But that doesn't mean we can adequately share it, should we choose to, even when we want to.

And when we can't, sometimes skimming the surface just isn't enough.

Is this enough?  Here?  Actually, yes.  In this moment, yes.  That's not always true.  But sometimes, yes.  

Authenticity is a journey.


Reflection photo by Susan Larison Danz. 

Sunday, April 11, 2021


"The key to keeping your balance is knowing when you've lost it." ~ Unknown


I was talking to a friend about balance tonight.  Why is the desire for such a simple, straightforward concept so elusive on the planet?  We seesaw between one edge or the other - and lose sight of the Center. I'm not saying balance itself is necessarily easy to create, but when we aren't even looking for it, we lose our way.

Rainbow Photo by Susan Larison Danz

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Trusting the Path

"Be thankful for all of life's nuances - and keep trusting!" ~ Susan Larison Danz

It seems it is a continual experience as a parent, even as many years pass, to repeatedly need to surrender to trust.  I'm not sure we ever really master this, though I suppose we can improve.  Spirituality does help.  

What does it mean to trust the path?  

It's not just about trusting in your own path - it is trusting in the paths of everyone you care about - and yes, of course, the two are not completely separate.  

There's always some new experience, some new challenge, some new adventure, and it begins even before the very first moment, which is an adventure in itself.  

Do we ever really learn to surrender?  Perhaps, and maybe not.  It's a process that repeats.  

Eventually, of course, it happens in reverse, and they are needing to trust in YOUR path, too, so it's a mutual experience.  This is Love on Planet Earth.

The more we can manage to trust the path, even when it's difficult, the more we can breathe into it, the more approachable it becomes.  Is it ever really perfect?  Does it need to be?  


 Path photo by Susan Larison Danz.


Friday, April 9, 2021

Honesty and Fear

 "I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality." ~ Martin Luther King, Jr. 


Listen live to The Frontier Beyond Fear Blog Talk Radio program Saturday at 1 PM PDT/4 PM EDT:  Honesty and Fear  (The program will be available at the same link afterwards, too).

How is being fearful related to honesty?  How can fear not only impact what people share with us, but how we accept the information, and how we share things ourselves?  How can we be more discerning by becoming more aware of our own relationship with fear? 

What is the distinction between discretion and dishonest omission?  We can still be discreet and authentic, in appropriate circumstances.  How can we honor this in others and in ourselves? 

How can we come to understand that all paths to authenticity are essentially a lifelong journey?  We can realize we are imperfect, even while increasing our conscious intent to be authentic and empathic. 

Greater awareness can help us, in every way, as well as respect for ourselves and one another.  This also leads to more courage, which can help us immensely. 

When we are intimidated or disabled by fear, we are unable to see things with clarity.  This can often lead to harmful or hasty choices, for ourselves and our societies. 

What is a better path forward?  How can we discover it?  Host Susan Larison Danz reflects on these important topics.  It is very likely she will also introduce another passage from history or literature as a part of the exploration.

The Frontier Beyond Fear is in its 11th year, with over 400 episodes.


Forest Path photo by Susan Larison Danz.