Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 11: Choosing to Forgive

A year ago today, I wrote a spontaneous, heartfelt essay on my personal recollections and reflections on the impact of September 11. The expression of my journey guided me to the following words, worth repeating today. You can read the entire essay here.

"In retrospect, I now realize the tremendous gifts fear gave to me. It was fear that led to my heartfelt prayer to the Creator of the Universe, tearfully begging to be shown "the way", whatever it might be.

And the way was indeed shown, though it took years for me to begin to understand, a journey of progressive understanding that continues on this September 11 too, nine years later.

The way had to do with unconditional Love. The way had to do with unconditional Forgiveness. The way had to do with lasting Peace.

I have not forgotten what happened on September 11, 2001. I have not forgotten on a personal, national or global level. I have not forgotten the many people who died that day. I have not forgotten the many people who died in the days and years that followed, on all sides of the resulting wars, including many innocent children and civilians, in addition to soldiers. But there is a difference between forgetting and letting go.

I am finally finding a way of letting go the fear of those days. And it's been quite some time since I have felt any need for vengeance. Instead I have discovered understanding. Instead I am really beginning to see what true faith, forgiveness and unconditional Love actually ask of all of us.

When you begin to look through eyes of understanding, you realize that the entire event on September 11 (even if you believe in alternative theories on the subject) resulted from centuries of fear and vengeance, something that drove a few misguided people to commit an act they felt was justified by their own convictions.

We can question those convictions of course, but can we even dare to try to understand what might have made them feel this way? Can we even dare to end the silence of tolerance (which need not be silent at all)? Just as we expect the tolerant in other countries to take the lead in educating those in their midst, can we dare to take on the responsibility of educating and enlightening those in our own country plagued by eerily similar fears?

Wars breed more wars. Any student of history can see that this is true. Fear breeds more fear. Vengeance breeds more vengeance. Blame breeds more blame. Anger breeds more anger. Death breeds more death. This is true on both sides of any conflict. And sometimes the cascading domino effects of war go on for centuries. This is what happens when we choose not to forget, when we choose not to let go, when we choose not to understand, when we choose not to forgive, when we choose not to Love.

We have a choice. We can indeed choose to Love. We can indeed choose to Trust. We can indeed choose to Understand. We can indeed choose to Forgive. We can indeed choose to place our Faith in the Love that binds us all together on this Earth.

That is where I place my Faith tonight. I have released the angst of September 11, and I no longer believe reacting in fear has anything to do with Faith or Love. I have not watched a single news report today. I honor those who died, just as I honor those who died on every horrendous day, days that continue in some parts of the world, impacting people of many nations, not just ours.

I'm going to dinner in a while. I choose to visit a small family-owned restaurant run by a Moslem married to a Christian (not sure if she converted, either way is fine with me). I happen to know that these people have personally felt an impact from the fear and unreasonable bias that still have a strangle-hold on some who claim to be all about forgiveness, but are actually more interested in judgment, vengeance and a a skewed nationalistic furor instead (something that has led to more wars and death than can be fathomed). I look forward to a nice meal of spicy lamb tajine, a favorite of mine.

I invite you all to dine with us at the table of Universal brotherhood, sisterhood and Unconditional Love.

Understanding breeds more Understanding. Tolerance breeds more Tolerance. Forgiveness breeds more Forgiveness. Love breeds more Love. Joy breeds more Joy. Peace breeds more Peace. Faith breeds more Faith.

I have unwaivering Faith that true Peace on Earth will soon be in our midst."

My son and I dined at that wonderful Moroccan restaurant on Friday, now a favorite of his too. As a parent, I choose to teach tolerance and understanding, not vengeance and fear.

May all of our children learn these lessons well. And yes, I do believe they will one day know Peace, as miraculous as that may seem.

That day is coming soon...for all of us.

~ Susan Larison Danz

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My blogging pen may be resting, but...

This blog continues to be on hiatus as I explore new ways in which I choose to share my voice. A new blog will arrive when the time is right (I suspect that time is soon), as well as multiple new web sites on a diverse array of spiritual and research will be surprised at just how many and how diverse, and yes, I'm doing them all myself...

Meanwhile, there are a variety of ways my voice continues to be shared right now.

One reason I have been led to believe my pen is mostly resting is because of being called to speak. It's as if Spirit has asked me to practice, practice, practice my speaking voice first, then write some more. And so my blog has recently become spoken, instead of written, along with chatting with some very interesting people making a difference in the world. Perhaps it is indeed appropriate that this spoken blog would be on Blog Talk Radio: The Frontier Beyond Fear Radio Program

A most surprising development (although perhaps not so surprising given my history of anonymous blogging) has occurred on broadcast radio, where I have found myself calling in to Ground Zero, a local paranormal radio show in Portland that also broadcasts online worldwide. I have called a number of times, simply as "Susan in Portland", essentially being a "Pollyanna" presence on the show.

(BTW, I recently stumbled upon the Disney movie "Pollyanna", a film I have not seen in quite a long time. And I was astonished to see just how bold and daring it was, directly questioning and confronting fear-based practices and messages in spiritual circles, not to mention affirming the power of positivity. The film has become a cliche, but it is well worth revisiting. And I always liked Hayley Mills too...)

I continue to have an attentive and regular presence as @bridgebldr on Twitter, where I occasionally participate in live chats relevant to the spiritual community, frequently post affirmations and inspirational quotes, and enjoy interacting with others.

I also regularly update my Facebook page, where new friends are welcome. I have established the new Frontier Beyond Fear Facebook community page associated with topics related to my radio program and upcoming 2012 book by the same title. I also have a fledgling page for my research related to prophetesses (the publication of which has been delayed due to the immensity of the task and so many questions yet to be answered in my research).

My research on prophetess Mother Shipton continues to be updated on my web site

And then there are upcoming speaking events and coaching booths, several this Fall:

Sunday, Sept. 18, 2:30 PM: Discovering the Frontier Beyond Fear at the Portland Healing Arts "Celebrating the Harvest" Fair in Portland, OR.

Friday, Sept. 30, 5:00 PM: The Frontier Beyond Fear at the Los Angeles Conscious Life Expo, where I will be offering one-on-one coaching throughout the entire Expo Sept. 30 - Oct. 2.

Saturday, Nov. 5, 2:00 PM: The Prophetess Legacy at the Portland Body Mind Spirit Expo, where I will also have a booth throughout the Expo offering one-on-one coaching Nov. 5-6.

Sunday, Nov. 6, 2:00 PM: Embracing the Shift at the Portland Body Mind Spirit Expo.

I will also be speaking again at the Los Angeles Conscious Life Expo in February 2012, details to be announced, as well as plans for many more events to come, not to mention being determined to finally get at least ONE of my books out the door (that's a blog post in itself regarding the delays and detours, not to mention the benefits of scenic routes...).

And yes, I am developing several new web sites to debut before the end of 2011 - on topics ranging from spirituality to ETs to 2012 prophecies to solar flares...every bit as eclectic as me!

You will find more information on all upcoming events (and various and sundry other pursuits) on the web site for my business Lighted Bridge Communications.

Somewhere in the midst of all that I am doing, I will also find the time to update this blog in a new location, where I hope to finally reach out to more readers and interact with those who choose to comment. As a long-time discussion forum participant, the transition to blogging has been more daunting than I anticipated, but I do aim to continue when the time is right. In fact, apparently that time is now, as this highly impromptu entry was supposed to be only a few sentences! And now I find myself debating whether to add images...maybe later, as "Mom Duty" also calls in this moment...(if only I could create more time!)...