Sunday, May 5, 2013

Poetry in Disguise

I mentioned in a recent post that I might try my hand at poetry again.  Then I realized that thanks to social media (especially Twitter), I never really stopped.  The poems just got shorter.  Call it Twitter Haiku.  ;-)  In fact, this isn't even a new discovery, as I once tweeted long ago "Twitter: The poet's playground, one line at a time..."

The heart space is an unusual dimension - the more it expands, the closer those within become

Those who first played with fire led the rest in from the cold.

Love builds gates in fences.

You are the warden of the prison of your fears.  Only you can set yourself free.

A mutual embrace with God requires rising from one's knees.

The night cannot conquer the Dawn.

Our fears and insecurities are but tiny bits of sand in an Ocean of Love and Empowerment.    

The raging flames of fear cannot ultimately resist the gentle rains of Love.

If you choose to see heaven, it will be all around you.

Be still and know that We are Love.

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