Monday, May 20, 2013

A Perfect Storm

Converging waves of synchronicity create a Perfect Storm.

It's storm season.  I remember it well.  I have experienced several storms in my life, many of them both  frightening and exhilarating at the same time, most of them in Kansas. 

Yet nothing quite compares to a Perfect Storm of synchronicity, another type of storm entirely.   Like Dorothy, it seems I have opened a door to a world of vivid technicolor.

First came the personal, mostly private breakthroughs, one after another, week after week.  The very fact I'm writing in this blog is a tangible result.  Synchronicities were everywhere, supporting me every step of the way.

Then came Friday, a day I will never forget.  Earlier in the week, my Blog Talk Radio show The Frontier Beyond Fear had been miraculously granted "Featured Host" status, highlighting all of my shows as "Featured" back to the very first show in 2010. 

On Friday, my show was selected as a Staff Pick, the first time one of my shows in the past has been chosen due to quality of content (I have had several future shows selected).  Retroactive Staff Picks are rare and reserved only for the best of shows, so this was a great honor.  But little did I know where that would lead...

That night at the McMinnville UFO Festival, something unexpected occurred.  My Facebook update below tells the tale...

Listen here to the Ground Zero Radio segment where I appear, just start at about 19:00 to get the full impact.

Susan Larison Danz with Clyde Lewis (Photo Credit: Brian Trotter)
The waves of synchronicity converged.  Finally the Perfect Storm is here, the perfectly miraculous storm.  It's exhilarating, just like the storms that intrigued me in Kansas, and really not all that frightening, though where it may take this Dorothy is yet to be seen.  I'm certainly not in Kansas anymore.  It looks a lot like Heaven.  It looks a lot like Home. 

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