Thursday, April 18, 2013

Unconditional Love: The Ultimate Commitment

"If you judge people, you have no time to love them." ~ Mother Teresa.

In my continuing commitment to blog every day, I had intended to blog tonight about the "We" part of unconditional commitments, and we'll see if I get to it, but right now I'm following yet another live story in the Boston area which is impacting a friend.  So I find the energy of my intended post interrupted.

I'll see if I can say it in just a few simple words despite my distraction.  The point is to have an awareness of the commitments we make before we make them, but sometimes it's really challenging to know all the conditions in advance.  When a commitment involves more than one person, this is when the concept of mutual respect comes into play.

Respect is not just a matter of honoring the commitment, although that is a part.  Of course, if we choose to be people of integrity, our first goal is to honor it, as that then honors and respects the others involved as well.

The real question is what happens when a commitment needs to bend or break.  That's when the need for respect shifts the other way.  If someone feels the need to change a commitment with you to preserve who they are, you can choose to be angry.  You can choose to hold the person in chains.  Or you can choose to work together to figure it out.  You can choose to forgive.  Honesty and authenticity lead to mutual respect, including having empathy for changing circumstances..

Could it be Unconditional Love is the only unconditional commitment we ever need to make?

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