Thursday, April 18, 2013

Unconditional Commitment

Choosing anything other than empowerment is a contradiction in terms, for it enslaves choice itself.

I find myself beyond exhausted, after a very full day and a meeting most of the night.  Not to mention my schedule could not be more intense for the next 4 days, starting at 6 AM tomorrow.  Yet I'm here.  I'm here because I'm determined to be here.  Because I made a silent commitment to see what it really might be like to blog each and every day.  I almost wasn't here at all.  What choice would have respected my authentic self the most? 

This is just a small commitment really, but are unconditional commitments truly the ideal?  Conditions change.  We change.  Moments carry surprises, some greater than others.  The real question is usually not whether to break a commitment entirely, but whether to bend it slightly out of respect for who we are.  Most commitments are forgiving enough to bend, and if they are not, we lose the ability to live authentically.

Every moment is an opportunity to discover and expand our authentic selves.  If we enslave ourselves to an unconditional commitment, we may lose ourselves in the process.  We may lose our opportunity to grow.

We usually know when a commitment no longer serves us at all.  That takes more than a moment to know, and that's not the case here.  I must truly want to be here or I wouldn't still be writing.  But the real question is how we find the balance between the commitments we make and the deepest respect for who we are and who we are becoming.  That's not a function of unconditional commitment.  It's a function of Unconditional Love.

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