Thursday, July 16, 2015

A Pilot Light that Never Dims

"You Will KNOW The Truth" ~ Eileen Caddy

A little while ago, I shared a post on Facebook, from the Findhorn Foundation.  For those of you not on Facebook, I'm going to repeat what it is it had to say.  It appeared with a photo of a diamond-shaped view through a rustic sort of a door, to the countryside, perhaps looking out upon beautiful Findhorn itself.  And in this moment now, I am realizing there were windmills, which is a little "wink" from the Universe (you'll see in a moment below).  There were many windmills in Kansas, where the wind always tended to blow, in the many years I spent there.

"Guidance from Eileen Caddy

You Will KNOW The Truth

When something is revealed to you from deep within, you need no confirmation or proof that it is the Truth. You can stick by it even if it means you stand completely alone. It is that inner knowing that counts; it is that inner revelation which you can hold on to. The things of the Spirit have to be understood by the Spirit; they cannot be dissected and analysed with a human's mind. This is where you have to be absolutely steadfast and unshakable and know without a shadow of doubt that what has been revealed to you from within is of the Truth and not fantasy. No one can help you over this; it has to be an inner knowing, an absolute certainty which is unshakable. If you find even the slightest doubt creeping in about the authenticity of what has been revealed or given to you, be on your guard. Again I say to you, you need no confirmation from the outer, you will KNOW the truth, whether it is from Me, and will find an inner peace in knowing."

At first I posted the photo, and the words.  I posted it without questioning.  I did feel it is possible to KNOW.  And quite honestly, upon reflection, I still do.  That's the inner peace.  Perhaps I'm still processing this.  As I posted earlier on Facebook, it's our minds that tend to analyze, our minds that tend to get in the way of the Knowing, the space of the Heart.  It's our minds that tend to take our inner peace away.  That inner peace is our Pilot Light.  It resides in the space of the Heart.  

Here is what I wrote earlier on Facebook, as I reflected upon the Findhorn post:

"This is a far more intricate teaching than it appears. We don't necessarily "know" on the surface, or that can seem to be the case. Because the mind tends to get in the way of the space of the Heart. It might take our entire lives (and beyond) to learn how to listen with the Heart and not the mind, to hear with100% clarity. Perhaps we never do completely, in this vulnerable human form, as long as we have minds, as they tend to question Hearts. 

But deep down, yes, there are some things we tend to Know, if we really choose to listen. When I was a child, I knew there couldn't possibly be a hell in the afterlife, even if I heard any number of messages otherwise. The fears injected by those voices seemed like my own inner doubt, but deep down, at the deepest Heart-based level, it was simply obvious: No Loving God could possibly create Hell. It's a "no-brainer" - literally! The Heart knows what Love actually Is. And what it is not.
When we listen for the path of the Heart, our minds do tend to doubt, because the path of the Heart asks us to be coeur-ageous, and our minds tend to get in the way. It is much like "Field of Dreams", and the signs are there to en-coeur-age us. Signs are utterly essential because they quiet the mind. They are the tools of Synchronicity. They are the Magic itself, revealed.

A rather unusual wind came up yesterday. Around the same time, my hot water heater failed. It failed just a bit at a time, over several hours, until we noticed all the water was lukewarm. The pilot light had gone out, but I didn't know it yet, or even when I did, I thought something might be "broken". My mind tended to panic. My mind tended to worry I'd need to buy a new hot water heater for $1000. It was just the pilot light, but it didn't relight itself. It took a conscious intervention to get the hot water going again. Deep down, beyond the mind, I had a feeling my hot water heater was fine, and it was.

So don't worry so much about doubting. Worrying about doubting is simply the mind worrying about doubting. And we are human beings. The way of the Heart will come to you again and again and again. Sometimes it's not "the way" the mind envisions. In fact, usually it's not. It is generally beyond the mind's ability to conceive. It is conceived of the Heart. And it is Magical. The Universe's Pilot Light can never, ever fail. And that also happens to be why there could never be a Hell...."

Inner Peace.  The Knowing.  It's not exactly intricate.  The mind tends to make it that way.  It's really very simple.  God is simply Love.  And so are We.  I heard a piece of that in my childhood too...

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