Monday, January 5, 2015

When Day to Day Begins...

"The angel shook her head slowly and said. 'Six pairs of hands.... no way.'" 
~ Erma Bombeck, "When God Created Mothers" 

For me (and for most of us), the real "New Year" starts when "day to day" begins. 
Even before the coffee was brewing or I launched my "work at home", I decided I don't have time this year to search for socks.  There are only a few strays left...

I'm tired of extra pans in the sink, despite filling the dishwasher the night before. 

Somehow the first of "the dreaded attic boxes" came to my attention.  (That's the "new car" sticker from my 2007 Honda.)

Real New Year's resolutions arrive in the doing, not the planning.  And even with high school nearing its end, a Mom's day to day continues...

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