Thursday, May 23, 2013


Love lifts the veil of Fear and weds us to Peace.

Last night when I would normally be writing in this blog, I was waiting on the line for a radio show. Since well-after-midnight blog entries are becoming the norm rather than the exception, and 6 AM comes early, I decided to opt for sleep.

Something came up while I waited on the line, something I've been pondering a while.  The topic had to do with salvation returning from the sky, whether alien, Jesus or otherwise.  A caller with a Southern backwoods twang in his voice confidently shared his faith in the Jesus variety of return.  But this would not be the loving Jesus, he reminded us all, this warrior Jesus would come to judge us all and rule with "an iron rod". 

And there it was.  The contradiction.  Astoundingly blatant, yet astoundingly veiled.

What would this man think if he realized it's not just distant evildoers to be subject to the sword, but neighbors, dear friends, even beloved family.  I pondered a rather bold and poignant response, but chose to stay on my intended topic. Love will lift all veils of fear in time.

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  1. It's part of the mystery, isn't it, and wanting to see behind the veil, to know. One thing I've learned and keep learning, that the Ultimate Mystery of Jesus' love and of God's, once you surrender to it, isn't so mysterious after all. Yet, the mind keeps thunking along at the edge of the bluff, wanting to know and understand, while the heart simply feels and embraces, soaring far beyond the limits of this land.