Thursday, May 9, 2013


It is once again very late, yet still I'm here.  I pondered breaking the chain of posts, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it.

I was pondering earlier why I choose to share my youthful poems in this space when I'm tired.  It's really very simple.  It would have made her very happy, the person I was back then, who hid most of her poems in a notebook.  It doesn't even matter to me if some of them are a bit awkwardly worded here and there.  They were her poems, and she treasured them, my younger self, and they are still meaningful to me today.  She had wished some of them might be published.  I'm granting her wish, now.

Here is another one.  It's quite a bit older.  I had just turned 14 when I wrote it.  It actually had an entire melody I wrote to go with it, a rather wistful tune.  I used to spend many an evening outside looking at the stars.  I would sneak outside after my parents went to sleep.  I was looking for something...

(A song)

They were new to this world
for they came from the skies
Bringing mystery along

When they fell to the earth
the sky was ablaze
And the stars sang their song

We are travelers from a distant galaxy
We come in peace for you
We come in peace

They said don't be afraid
We will do you no harm
Soon we'll be on our way

So I heeded their words
All fear left my mind
my heart filled with joy
As I realized what was occurring
Once more they sang...

We are travelers from a distant galaxy
Come with us now
Will you...come with us now

So I listened to them
And decided to go
Knowing not what lay ahead

So aboard I did climb
And flew out into space
Only mystery to come

We are travelers from a distant galaxy
Now I will join hands with you
Join hands with you.

Susan Larison, 1978

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