Thursday, May 2, 2013

Rest Stop

When you view every moment through the eyes of Love, what do you truly see?

A friend recently described to me what it's like to take a trip via motorcycle versus car.  There is a real sense of presence on a motorcycle that you miss when you aren't fully experiencing the subtleties of the road.

View of a favorite place - Boulder, CO.
I have a very vivid memory of a motorcycle experience as a preteen in the Colorado mountains.  I can almost feel the bumps and turns in the road like it was yesterday.  I was too young to drive of course (and wouldn't have dreamed of it at the time).  My most important task was simply to Hold On!

I have had quite the fascinating adventure the past month or so, as my life apparently shifts into a higher gear.  But it seems I have come to a rest stop.  And much like the scenic rest areas in the mountains I enjoy, I'm stopping to breathe and take in the view.

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  1. How very fine. It's true of cycling and walking through a neighborhood or town. The smells around dinnertime, especially if it's a culturally diverse town. Fabulous.

    Thank you, peace, and more of these adventures for you.