Monday, April 22, 2013

The Trees of My Life: My Earth Day Tree

The trees of my life are part of my story.  Here is one of the first.

It was 1970.  The very first Earth Day.  I remember that day like it was yesterday.  The kindergarten class went outside to plant some trees, little evergreens.

I can still see my little hands in the dirt that day, holding my wobbly little tree.

Almost every day for a while, I would
check on its progress.  The days became weeks and months and years.  Yet still I couldn't help but watch it grow.  Year after year after year...I could never pass that spot without looking for my tree.

My family has long since moved from that neighborhood in southwest Denver, but I swear if I went by that school even now, I'd look for my evergreen. 

Now that's celebrating Earth Day.

[Update at 11:45 PM] I just checked Google Streetview, and it looks like all the trees we planted were taken out to put in a new sidewalk...even though there were any number of ways to put it in around the trees...Add them to the list of trees I will never see again.  But that's Earth Day too, isn't it?  Goodnight, Earth Day.  Beauty never really sleeps...

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