Friday, April 12, 2013

The Great Conversation

Up far too early this morning, as the dog nudged me awake.  How is it that animals can read our hearts sometimes better than we can ourselves?  I sense this is a powerful energetic time for me, and I decided in the spirit of my new approach to this blog, I would just start writing.  I realized I could be writing in a private journal instead.  There have been times in my life when I have done so, pages and pages worth, but I sense being openly authentic here is more what I'm called to do in this moment, to the degree I feel I can give myself permission.

My life is at a bit of a crossroads right now (interesting, what I first typed was "write now" - I corrected the typo but mention it).  Typos like that can speak volumes.  I'll digress, if it's possible to digress in a free streaming blog, and mention one that happened to me some time ago.  It was during a time when I was a very regular caller on what was then a local radio show (which has since gone national).  Back then it was really easy to get a line in, and I would call quite often.

Participating in this program quite often was so much like my Oprah forum days, when I would find myself anonymously getting into debates with conservative Christians over things like demons and Satan and hell, doing my best to point out the disconnect with the true Love of God.  I can't remember precisely the topic the night of the synchronicity I'm about to share, but I do know it must have been a particularly challenging one, as I found myself on the line asking the Universe/God/Spirit/my Higher Self, "Please help me to share what needs to be shared from the highest possible level".

When my turn came on the line, though I can no longer even remember just what was said, it was filled with unconditional Love, and I recall marveling after that I was able to say it at all in the way that I did at that particular time. I could feel "the highest possible level" coming through big time.

The call ended, and I went into a chat room associated with the show.  I guess maybe I hadn't called the show in a while, and someone I had corresponded with in this chat from time to time who intended to type "It's good to hear your voice." typed something else: "It's god to here your voice."  "God to here", wow, I saw it immediately, the meaningful typo, as that was precisely my request and not only was it answered, which I knew in my heart immediately on the line, I received a beautiful extra confirmation afterwards.

The irony is that we are ALWAYS "God to here".  That's why we are here.  God to here, God in us, God expressing God in an infinity of special ways, through us.  Not hijacking us.  Or disempowering us.  Or controlling us like a puppet.  No, we are creating ourselves as we go, just as We always intended.

I had a professor once who told me it was time for me to join "the Great Conversation".  He was urging me to have the courage to speak up in class, as I was very quiet, yet he could see my voice through my essays.

There is a "Greater Conversation" still, not quite what he was getting at, though that one has merit too.  I come to believe that Higher Aspect of All that We Are brought us into being, essentially WE at the highest level brought ourselves into being, as challenging as that may be to express, so that we could engage in the Greater Conversation, indeed Creation itself, as the beautiful, special, unique beings we are.

[Wow, I did it, authenticity - I think I'm going to publish this without editing at all.  Maybe there will be a typo...]

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