Sunday, April 28, 2013


"Gimme a head with hair
Long beautiful hair" ~ Hair musical

My journey with my hair has been a love/hate relationship.  I recall loving my curls in childhood, but at some point, around the time when it got frizzy enough to wince when my mother struggled with the comb, I began to doubt.  

As my teens progressed, my feelings definitely evolved to Hate.  I also had no idea how to style it.  Naturally curly hair wasn't "in" back then, so I would spend what seemed like forever every morning blowing my hair as straight as I could get it, even though I kept it quite short.  Thankfully nobody showed me the trick of ironing my hair or I would have probably grown it out, then damaged it beyond repair.  Like all teen girls in the late 70's, I was obsessed with getting my hair to "feather back," an impossible feat with all but the straightest of hair.

In college, I discovered hot rollers, which actually worked great with my hair, perfect for the 80's.  The only problem was it took at least an hour and a half every morning to get ready!  I used them for many years. 

At some point, not sure exactly when, I figured out if I just let my hair dry, it would curl almost perfectly all by itself.

All those years I struggled.  And the answer was simply to Let It Be.

I'm growing my hair now.  It's a project of mine I enjoy.  I have finally realized I Love it.  Better late than never...

My hair today, a bit wilder than usual after a hairdresser had her way with it.  I'll tell my Pre-Raphaelite story another day...

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